Thursday, May 17, 2012

Told You - Jenn Mierau

It might be because of her years of classical piano solitude.
It might be because she is a voracious autodidact.
Or it might be because she likes to do things the hard way.
Whatever the reason, Montreal’s jenn mierau chose to embark on the long and winding road of self-producing and recording, which has come to fruition in her recently released album, HUSH.

Having learned much from working with other producers, jenn felt the need to follow her own vision and see where it led her. She was already singing, playing Wurlitzer and making beats, but because recording was new territory, jenn’s songs saw numerous incarnations. She also began playing bass and electric guitar on her tracks and started experimenting with found-sound samples and vocal layering. With nods to Lykke Li and Imogen Heap, the result is an acoustic-ish, electro-ish labour of love that highlights her sweetly sexy voice.

Staunchly DIY, jenn counteracts her hours in the digital world by making her artwork the analog way: knitting, string art and yes, even her version of macaroni art. But for this album, she took the approach one step further by rug-hooking a 14,400 stitch self-portrait, while recording a time-lapse video of the process. The digital version of the artwork is remarkable, but the physical CD – which replicates the entire rug, front to back and side to side – is a mini marvel!

Crafting aside, jenn’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. In 2010, her song HUM was the Free Song of the Day, and the Hollis P Monroe remix of the song was featured on and later released on the UK label, Defected Records. This year, jenn has been stacking up co-writing collaborations with various labels, including Brooklyn/Montreal's Galactique Recordings, Montreal's The Villa, and with Ruoho Ruotsi of San Francisco’s De’fchild Recordings.

Matching the digital-analog juxtaposition of her recorded work, jenn’s live show blends the vintage warmth of her Wurlitzer with live looping, beatboxing and beatmaking on her MPC2000 sampler – while singing, of course. She is also sometimes joined by a viola. While doing numerous shows in Montreal, including POP Montreal, she’s also brought her music to Toronto, including NXNE and Indie Music Week, as well as to Winnipeg and Southern Ontario.

Having emerged from her cocoon of self-production, the years of going it alone have paid off in a gorgeous way with the icy, versatile, electronic-influenced pop found throughout her release, HUSH.
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