Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Bang – Diez Tragos - New Release review

I have a new release, Big Bang, from Diez Tragos. This is definitely not blues but a really smokin' release. It has mixes of many styles of music which makers it difficult to describe. It opens with Dueno de mis suenos which is a very cool complex rhythmatic track with atmospheric guitar and vocals over a strong driven beat. If you know Mars Volta (or King Crimson for the earlier generation )this would be the closest comparison that I could make. I like both bands so this is a really good start. Soy Inmortal is up next with a solid single direction but still complex musical pattern. This isn't Lady Gaga! This is serious stuff. It draws comparison to some metal due to some of the vocals and over driven guitars but again to me it's about the musicality and this is really cool. No soy un angel, a much quieter track overall uses the dynamic range to create sonic impact. This track again has tastes of metal but all of the complexity of an orchestra and actually some of the characteristics of later Led Zeppelin. Sufrir has a rock track intro but definitely sounds like it is Adrian Belew influenced and these guys get the metal scream down on this track. Crucificame is another track that starts off quite quiet and builds into a rhythmic frenzy. Again I hear references to Led Zep but in a totally different direction. Like multiple bands have been torn apart and put back together in a creative way that works quite well. Descifrar los signos is a straight up rock grinder built on a classic blues boogie but then over driven with distorted vocals. Ver llorer desiertos is another different track with what sounds like a tabla and then the complexity and dynamics of Volta/Fripp/Crimson/Gunn. If you like these bands you must check this out! La eternidad opens with drumming on what sounds like oil drums and then a very cool guitar riff (not unlike Jeff Beck) but then takes it's own turn. This track has a very strong bottom and again, I really like it. Quien es quien is an uptempo rocker driven by guitar into another staggered tempo track. This track has a cool Frippertronics style guitar solo on it and again a solid refrain. The release is wrapped by Franco Is Dead. Another off kilter track with street noise, disjointed loudspeaker announcements and crowd it is a very solid completion to a very different and cool release. If you have an open mind and like something different, you must check this out!

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